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Providing Parents Support Gives First Line Support To Those Who REQUIRE It.

Many children who are afflicted with a rare disease or a disease that has yet to be identified, require 24-hour support and care. Parents dedicate themselves, and there is no better person to do it. However, that means they must sacrifice their jobs and goals. We are there to guide parents through this commendable effort.

We are a team of experienced and certified educators who partner with health care professionals and experts in the fields of rare disease and special needs to provide the latest research-based strategies. The best practices are sustainable and deliver meaningful results to parents.

We look forward to working with you or partenring on your next project.

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volunteer or join our mission with supporting parents or hosting workshops.

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Submit a monetary donation or provided necessary equipment.


Host our teaching and learning workshop for your community or network.


What We Are Working On Right Now
What do we do?

Our Non-Profit Is Dedicated To The RARE

Parent Workshops

Conducting larger or small group workshops on teaching and learning.

Educational Supplies

Working with stakeholders to develop unique supplies for each indivdual.


Public speaking and events to generate awareness and resources.


Teaching face-to-face or online to support parents and children.


Providing educational resources and curriculums to extend learning.


Working with schools, companies, and parents.
Sponsor A Child in Need

Your contributions go directly towards the child in your honor.


Children Available For Sponsorship.

Consider sponsoring a child with a reoccurring donation. This supports intensive and consistent intervention. Families will receive preferred pricing when they book multiple sessions over time. Your payments will support a child making continued and sustainable progress.

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