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Join us for a celebration of music for change. Our students have created a concert to help raise awareness for rare diseases.

The concert will be held on March 30, 2024 2:00-4:00 pm at the Goethe-Institut in Bangkok, Thailand.

Goethe-Institut offers a central location in downtown Bangkok. The location is famous for its concerts and shows. The venue is perfect for bringing people together into an intimate space that enhances the senses.

Join with us and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need.

In honor of Rare Disease Day 2024. We will host a concert on the 2nd floor of the Goethe-Institute Bangkok. The goal of the concert is to raise awareness, money, and to bring joy to our community.

Our concert will feature talented students who volunteered their time to practice and perform in honor of children afflicted by rare diseases.


Our concert conductors played a crucial role in making our event happen. Their importance extends beyond merely keeping time or waving a baton. They are leaders who inspire our students to go beyond themselves and use their musical skills creatively. A special thank you to:

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