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As the world progresses and traditions change, the number of parents choosing to homeschool their children has seen a significant increase over the recent years.

With education system shifting far from what it once was, so too has the need to earn formal certificates in order to find employment. Of course, many jobs do still require employees to have a degree, or some form of accredited education, however homeschooling a child through their earlier years does not necessarily reduce their opportunities of attending credible learning institutions; if anything it opens up their options and better educates them on how to go about achieving these educational and work goals.

Benefits of Home Schooling

Homeschooled students tend to score higher on tests of academic skills when compared to children in public schools across most studies. Home schooling also offers a more individualized and safe learning environment.
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HomeSchooling for Children With Special Needs

It is understandable that children with specials require unique and specialist care to ensure they’re getting the most from different learning experiences. Homeschooling children with learning difficulties or ASD can offer many advantages over traditional learning, mainly due to the customizable approach that can be applied when planning the syllabus.

Benefits Of Home School Curriculum

Homeschooling offers many benefits over enrolling your child in school, these include:


  • Tailor syllabus to your childs unique needs
  • Much cheaper than traditional school fees
  • Pricing for all budgets
  • Easy to get advice/assistance from online community
  • Less social pressures that can affect learning

Getting Started with Home School Curriculum

Find out more about what home school curriculum can do you for your children.

Making the decision to homeschool your child isn’t always an easy one, however, once you’ve made the choice you’ll find lots of resources out there to assist you. It’s also likely you’ll find a surprising number of other homeschooling families in the near vicinity; which can provide the added benefit of being able to hold/attend group classes’ when/where suitable.

If you’re looking to start homeschooling your child there are several things you should first consider:

Every state has different legal requirements, so be sure to look up all legalities to avoid any legal issues.

The more you know your child, the more you’ll be about to select the best approach to teaching and learning.

Support groups, both online and in person, can be an invaluable tool. Finding others in the same situation can help in all areas of learning and teaching, as well as ensuring you just don’t feel isolated, alone and eventually burnt out.

Choose Curriculum Wisely

There are a number of teaching methods, and curriculums that you can choose from; knowing your child, and your yourself, is of utmost importance when doing do. As too is understanding how your preferred syllabus can be taught effectively.

Addition worries and anxiety in the class will not make for a comfortable leaning environment. Despite the setting likely being somewhere the child does feel safe, they can be extremely perceptive of negative energy, so keep the learning environment happy and easy going.

Homeschooling methods are often categorized into eight different types: each following its own philosophy, teaching style and curriculum. One major benefit of homeschooling is having the opportunity to combine methods to better suit your child’s education goals. Whilst some families may find it more straightforward and productive to follow a single teaching method, others will find certain aspects form each method more effective when combined together.

We take a tailored approached with a focus on Play-based learning the International Baccalaureate program. However, we recognize that all methods have their strengths and employ techniques from each when/where applicable.

The main eight types of homeschooling include:

Choosing Home School Curriculum Syllabus

You’ll find numerous popular homeschool curricula that have already been tried and tested by a large number of families As you may expect, these courses are accessible online; according to the online resource ‘HomeSchool.com’, the top 4 homeschool curriculum online include:

Charlotte Mason Method

The Charlotte Mason method aims to develop kids holistically. It uses rich literature and living books written in narrative format to bring the stories to life. Through this homeschooling style, kids play, create, and are involved in real-life situations to learn from, which include nature walks and visiting art museums.

Classical Method

The classical approach uses educational practices from as far back as Ancient Rome and Greece. It teaches kids in three stages known as Trivium. Trivium is a Latin word that means where the road meets. Grammar, logic and dialectic, and rhetoric.

Deschooling Method

Deschooling involves unlearning behaviours to attitudes learnt from traditional schooling. Deschooling is a child-led approach. Deschoolers follow the child's interests, motivation, and the natural rhythm of waking up and sleeping.

Eclectic or Relaxed Method

The eclectic or relaxed method of homeschooling is arguably the most popular approach to homeschooling. Eclectic homeschoolers will pick and choose different aspects of the various homeschooling methods. The advantage of this method is that it allows students to learn from different approaches rather than just sticking to one.

Multiple Intelligences Method

Multiple intelligences is a theory developed by Howard Gardner. In his theory: Gardner states there are eight main bits of intelligence. They include: interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial and verbal-linguistic.

School at Home or Traditional Method

The school-at-home approach is also another popular method of homeschooling. It mirrors the public or private school experience at home. Homeschoolers who use the traditional method follow a curriculum with textbooks, workbooks, quizzes and tests. They also have typical school hours, calendar year, and holiday breaks.

Unit Studies Method

Unit studies take on a linked approach. In traditional schooling, each subject is different and in its own field. However, through unit studies, all subjects are incorporated into one unit. Unit studies are advantageous because an educator finds a topic a student finds interest in and integrates that into all the different learning subjects.

Unschooling Method

An unschooling approach is a child-led or interest-led approach. Parents use a non-coercive approach to learning and encourage kids to learn naturally without a specific tool or curriculum. If a child is interested in airplanes, they will research the topic until their curiosity is satisfied. If they develop an interest in lions, the same approach is employed.

Most complete homeschool curriculums come with homeschooling kits that contain learning materials and resources required for teaching. Textbooks and exams are made downloadable (some text books may require additional purchase), be prepared to provide supplies such as pen, pencil and paper, as well any related art supplies a topic might require.

Have questions?

Homeschooling offers many benefits, but ultimately, it is up to your specific case. Contact us for a free consultation.

The cost of homeschooling ranges in price. You can have a quality program for free, but I would at least recommend consulting and training. Paid curriculums and resources can make homeschooling easier.

For many people considering homeschooling, it is a better option than public schools. Obviously, parents are looking for something better for their children, and often times you must create it yourself.

Even at public schools, teachers and administrators must constantly work on creating a positive social environment and building social skills. In addition there is problem of bullying. Adding socialization to your homeschooling is simple to accomplish.

If you are not satisfied with public school or do not have access to the proper educational services, homeschooling is a great option.

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