Accelerating Rare Disease Cures

Improving the Rare Disease Program to Bring Faster Cures

CDER’s Accelerating Rare Disease Cures (ARC) Program is a new program approved by the US FDA, designed to provide strategic advice and coordination of the organization’s rare disease activities, with the goal of speeding up and improving the development of safe and effective treatments for the most uncommon medical conditions.

The ARC program is managed by CDER’s Rare Diseases Team, and brings together expertise from departments such as the CDER’s Office of the Center Director, the Office of New Drugs, and the Office of Translational Sciences, in order to analyze data, current activities, and devise new ways of bringing the most effective treatments to market in a timely manner.

Accelerating Rare Disease Cures (ARC) Program

The organization’s vision and mission statement explain:

Vision: Speeding and increasing the development of effective and safe treatment options addressing the unmet needs of patients with rare diseases.

Mission: To drive scientific and regulatory innovation and engagement to accelerate the availability of treatments for patients with rare diseases.

You can check out all recent updates from the organization over on its website: Accelerating Rare Disease Cures (ARC) Program

The easy-to-navigate site contains quick links to studies, trials, newly approved medications, and medical news that have all shown promise or had recent success.

It also provides points of contact as well as a whole range of other resources to assist you in finding out about the latest news in treatments for rare diseases.

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