Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Overcoming Challenges of Life With of No Arms or Legs

Born with one of the most challenging of disabilities, Nick Vujicic shows the world just how powerful a mindset can be in governing quality of life…

Nick Vujicic, 41, was born with a rare disease known as phocomelia, a congenital disorder that caused him to have no arms or legs from birth. But as he became an adult, he began to turn his life around from one with little hope and a lot of depression to one of tremendous positivity, and by sharing his inspiring experience through some well-received books and popular motivational talks, Vujicic has helped many worldwide thanks to his therapeutic musings on his life, and what exactly helps him face every day with optimism.

The Life of a Man With No Limbs

Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia, on December 4th, 1982, with a rare congenital disorder disease called phocomelia. The condition, often associated with the side effects of using the medication thalidomide, caused him to be born without any limbs at all.

Although Vujicic talks of devastating bullying he experienced growing up, bullying that led to him having thoughts of suicide by the age of eight, it was clear that there was something else, other than the disability, that was a bit special about him even at a young age. He became the very first handicapped student to attend a regular school in the whole of Australia, and throughout his school journey, he would come to meet good friends who also inspired him to continue not just battling the challenges of life but enjoying them too.

Still devoted to God’s good grace, that’s precisely what Vujicic did, as he graduated from Griffith University at the age of twenty-one with a double major in finance and accounting.

Vujicic continued to be a devote evangelist and went on to become a best-selling author and well-sought motivational speaker. His ability to express his extraordinary story has become like a therapeutic cure for those feeling hopelessness, depression, and a longing for love and faith. 

Nick Vujicic married Kanae Miyahara in 2012, and they were blessed with a baby boy with disabilities. The boy was named Kyoshi James. The couple was also given a second son named Dejan Levi.

Gifting the World Hope Project

This book project shares 12 keys to a full life and passes on the universal principles of resilience, courage, and faith. Together, we can equip the entire world for survival in difficult times. It is available in eBook, audio, and video formats – translated in 66 different languages and available at NO COST!
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One Man’s Goal To Inspire Other Rare Disease Patients

For someone living with a condition so severe that it affects all aspects of daily life, Vujicic’s aspirations to share his experiences in the hopes it may help others with similar conditions develop the mental fortitude to change their outlook on the situation for the better, no matter how bad that situation may be, are truly inspirational.

Anyone who’s had to recover from a serious injury or has lived with or is living with any form of chronic pain will understand how debilitating it can be, not just physically but also mentally, as the pain, medicated or not, clouds the brain and affects one’s judgment.

These mental and physical barriers are often present throughout recovery, which makes it difficult for some and almost impossible for others. With that in mind, Vujicic’s own experience has taught him just how much the right outlook can enhance the effectiveness of treatments and therapies, and through his books, talks, and events held worldwide, he wants to share this inspiring experience and first-hand knowledge with as many people as possible.

Non-Profits Educate & Inspire Those Living With Rare Disease

Vujicic has shared his message to over 6 million people in more than 78 countries, on over 3500 stages, and to crows over 800,000 strong; this earned him the prestigious “Young Australian of the Year” award in 2015 for his efforts in enlightening faith and hope in others.

Vujicic talks are viral; he collaborates with education ministries from countries worldwide and holds presentations based on community morals. The talks contain strong anti-bullying messages and guide listeners on how to develop a mindset to navigate the daily social interactions that govern one’s life, interactions that can be very different for those living with rare conditions.

The inspiring motivational speaker runs a non-profit called Life Without Limbs (founded in 2005). A ministry known as NickV Ministries NVM (also founded in 2005) and an online curriculum called Attitude is Altitude (founded in 2007) aim to teach and share news of good faith to help make positive changes in those who need it. He has also starred in a short film called ‘The Butterfly Circus,’ and published several books, the most notable of which include ‘Life Without Limits: Inspiration of a Ridiculously Good Life (2010),’ ‘Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action (2013),’ and ‘Love Without Limits (2016).’

Attitude is Altitude

Attitude is Altitude Online Curriculum

Whilst most likely known for his popular talks and speeches, Vujicic’s online curriculum offers those interested an additional way to access the information. The Attitude is Altitude course is an “exclusive online course designed to empower YOU to cultivate resilience in both your personal life and business endeavors, and to enforce positive attitudes and values for Gen Z children.”

The course consists of online lectures, from which participants gain valuable insights via practical strategies on how to keep a resilient mindset. It covers a range of topics such as creating and maintaining a vision, showing gratitude, and having acceptance for yourself and those around you.

Motivational Talks To Create Resilient Therapeutic Mindset

Overcoming adversity can help to build emotional strength and teach us how to better cope with anxiety. On the other hand, certain traumatic experiences are just too difficult for some to overcome. Just like his extremely rare disease, that lacks any info that could aid his treatment and/or recovery, Vujicic hopes to show others in similar situations that are possible to pave your own road to salvation, even where one doesn’t currently exist.

Nick’s talks aim to share with the world, no matter what negative situations you’re faced with, your own personal vision and outlook on the matter can have a notable positive affects along the road to conquering debilitating conditions.

And if there was ever a speaker qualified enough to share wisdom on how to get through some of the toughest experiences life could ever throw at you, Vujicic is certainly the ideal candidate.

Vujicic’s talks could be seen as mental exercises akin to a holistic therapy curated to help overcome mental trauma. In a similar way to how a lifting session shreds the muscle fiber so they repair and heal stronger, working through your thoughts of mental anguish, with a positive outlook and a clear defined goal outline by a person who spent their whole life experiencing the exact same challenges and discrimination, can also help the mind heal stronger and prepare your emotions to cope with any similar scenarios the future may bring.

Even if you’re not trying to cope with any difficult emotions, visiting Nick’s inspiring talks can still be a life changing moment. It’s not every day we get to hear the life story of such a person, so regardless of your situation you’re likely to find the session at least entertaining and eye opening.

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