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PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, is a technology that uses low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate the cells energy and in turn, promote cell function and recovery. When the body is fighting off infection, or trying to repair itself from injury, it’s often the case that cells simply do not have enough energy to effectively perform these tasks. This is where PEMF technology can help as the electromagnetic pulses that penetrate the body help to assist mitochondria, the cell’s powerstation, in the production of energy.

PEMF can also improve blood cell separation, waste elimination, and detoxification, leading to enhanced overall well-being and potential life trajectory changes.

Currently PEMF treatments are administered via the use of a PEMF mat; a self-explanatory device that requires the patient to lay on the mat for short periods of time.

PEMF Research

PEMF therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation in bones, muscles and joints. This is why it is particularly indicated and used in case of rare disease patients.
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How Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Work

PEMF stimulate the cells into restoring the body; this promotes wound repair and tissue healing, which allows the body to heal faster. Furthermore, the technique improves blood flow by breaking down clumps of red blood cells that often clump together.

This all works to strengthen cells, increases circulation and improve the body’s inflammatory response, which in turn helps the healing process proceed at an accelerated rate.

Benefits of PEMF

From reducing chronic pain to improved healing there is a wide range of documented health benefits that PEMF can provide our bodies. Some of these benefits include:

Conditions PEMF Can Treat

Since PEMF penetrates deep to work at the celluar level, the list of ailments and medical conditions it can be used to treat is seemingly endless. Just some of these include:

The advantages of PEMF technology don’t stop there; in fact the treatment can be utilized to aid the benefits of oxygen training. By improving the flow of red blood cells PEMF effectively prepares the body to uptake oxygen more efficiently.

SuperHuman Pro PEMF Mat and Oxygen Training

One company looking into the benefits of PEMF is SuperHuman Pro, a company that has developed a revolutionary new fitness regime known as the Superhuman Protocol. This three-step process utilizes the natural powers of magnetism, oxygen, and light to “improve your skin, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation and oxygenation.”

The Superhuman Protocol involves three stages. The first is PEMF electromagnetism, which prepares the body for the next stage that utilizes oxygen for training. This is followed by the final stage, which uses Photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy) and near-infrared light therapy. The combination of these next-generation therapies is said to supercharge your body for optimal workouts and recovery.


The first step of this process is to charge the body with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF). To achieve this, the company has created what it calls “The BioCharger” mat. This mat radiates PEMF into the body, which causes red blood cells that have clumped together to separate into free-flowing cells; this helps recharge the body at the celluar level.

The company claims that, “depending on the frequency level, this can be used to accelerate healing and enhance blood flow,” and that it is safe for people of all ages, even those with almost any medical condition.

To achieve these benefits, the user must simply lay on the mat for a duration of 8–10 minutes.

This is done prior to training; the separation of clumped red blood cells prepares the body for optimal oxygen absorption, so exercise with oxygen training becomes even more effective.

The company claims that PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) can improve the efficiency of EWOT (exercise with oxygen) by up to 30% due to the additional O2 in the blood plasma. Furthermore, the increased surface area of the cells helps to repel instead of clumping, which also aids blood flow.

Benefits of Oxygen Training After PEMF

The benefits of oxygen training are slowly being documented by more official studies. Results from a wide range of studies have shown benefits such as:

> Better sleep
> Reduces breathlessness
Boosts performance
Prevents exercise induced asthma
Improve aerobic capacity
Speeds up recovery
Promotes oxygen delivery
Increases lactic threshold

Oxygen training has even been shown to improve the health of those suffering from pulmonary heart disease. According to a 2003 study published in the National Library of Medicine online, supplementing oxygen: “improves exercise tolerance of normoxemic and hypoxemic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.”

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