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Teach RARE Introduction

  • Richard Poulin
Date preached June 19, 2022

Introducing Teach Rare – Watch & Listen – Podcast

I was born in California but grew up in Asia. As a kid in Japan and then later in Thailand. After completing my Bachelor’s, I worked with hospitals in Thailand to coordinate medical tours. Later, after meeting my wife, I changed my profession and became a teacher. I returned to school and completed a Master’s in K-12, a Master’s in Educational Leadership, and several certifications related to language acquisition and educational technology.

My wife, Judy, is Teach RARE’s leading educational service provider. She was born in Taiwan but raised in Thailand. She has a Bachelor’s in special education, a Master’s in Education, and several certifications related to learning disabilities and educational support.

Our background significantly gave us an advantage in helping our daughter achieve success. This brings me to the purpose of this podcast.

Creating a podcast offers us another pathway to connect with families and potential partners. We want to share strategies or bring in partners that can help their children.

After learning that our daughter had AADC deficiency, we scoured the internet for answers. At that time, we didn’t find much except medical jargon-filled white paper. There weren’t many resources saying what to do or what not to do. So we reached out to other communities and partners to develop our solutions. We learned through trial and error.

Today we are confident we can help parents make a more direct track on progression. Creating this podcast is for those families searching for answers and wanting to talk. The goal is not to be the number one podcast or to have millions of listeners. That would be wonderful if it happens, but the rare disease community is small, and our content is for them,

So I have only scratched the surface of our service, but through our podcast, I will discuss our story more. More importantly, we will provide help to families. While we work on our next podcast, consider visiting our website From there, you can learn more about us and access resources. It also links to social media profiles like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Thank you for joining us on our first podcast adventure, and we look forward to sharing the rare voice.

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