Prof Hwu AADC Deficiency and Gene Therapy Interview

Prof. Hwu Discusses the Past and Future of AADC Deficiency

In July 2024, we once again returned to Taiwan. This is the time of year when our daughter continues to contribute data to the long-term gene therapy study. She enrolled in a clinical trial in 2019, and the results have been miraculous. We want to ensure we do our part to make sure gene therapy becomes accessible to all children with AADC deficiency.

Since we are traveling, we always try to find out if there are ways we can partner with organizations or families in the rare disease community at our destination. It is easy to find motivated individuals in Taiwan. Inspired by our Taiwan AADC deficiency event in 2023, we decided to repeat the journey, but this time with more activities.

Meeting Prof. Hwu

Prof. Hwu

Pediatrician and Geneticist

Prof. Hwu attended the event and even brought his grandchildren to join in the fun. Ensuring other children were involved helped to make it an inclusive event. There were many activities for both children and parents. The team from NTUH Children’s Hospital and Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders worked nonstop coordinating, conducting, and facilitating the activities, including Prof. Hwu.

Thankfully, he found time for a short interview at one of the locations. In between making pizza, swimming, and riding, Prof. Hwu answered questions and gave us his thoughts on the past and future of AADC deficiency, including gene therapy.

There is a lot of hope for the rare disease community, and it is through the work of passionate doctors who help conduct the necessary research to bring treatments to reality. Professor Hwu is a renowned pedestrian, genetist, and researcher at the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH). He is highly respected in neurology, particularly for his contributions to the study and treatment of rare diseases.

Prof. Hwu has an extensive background in medical research and clinical practice, which has led to significant advancements in gene therapy and patient care. His work is characterized by a commitment to improving treatment outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for patients. Prof. Hwu is also known for his dedication to education and mentoring the next generation of medical professionals and researchers.

Our interview with Prof. Hwu is available in video and audio format:

Podcast: Interview with Prof. Hwu on The Past and Future of AADC Deficiency

Video: Interview with Prof. Hwu on The Past and Future of AADC Deficiency

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