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The Rare Journey Series

Prof. Hong Explores AADC Deficiency

This book will inspire you to go beyond what you think is possible. The world needs more researchers, educators, and scientists. More inquisitive people like you who ask questions and want to find answers.

The Rare Journey Series of Books

A series of educational books that features a true story of a rare disease. These books will inspire you to go beyond what you think is possible. The world needs more researchers, educators, and scientists. More inquisitive people like you who ask questions and want to find answers. 

The adventures we explore are based on true stories and will deliver a wealth of knowledge to you. In addition, purchasing a book from this series goes directly to helping families and children in the rare disease community.

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Letter from the author

As educators, there was no way we were not going to publish a book for kids. As teachers, we always looked for educational books that built a joy of reading and internal skills. Our journey was the perfect springboard to venture into children’s book writing.

We began with our story, but we will introduce a try story for each rare disease book we publish. The books will help build awareness while also teaching children. Our educational books are transdisciplinary subjects that also build interpersonal and social-emotional learning skills.

Most importantly, we want children to be inspired to solve problems. The world needs more researchers, doctors, scientists, and educators. The Rare Journey Series connects with children to do just that.

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Publishing FAQ'S

Bringing our vision to life.

The goal of our books is education. We donate books and volunteered our time in creating it. All of the books go back to the families in the rare disease community.

There are more than 7,000+ rare diseases so we have our work cut out, but we do not plan on stopping. We will continue making books in this series for as long as we can.

All of the stories are based on lives of real people afflicted by the disease featured in the book. There is no need to ficitionalize the stories. If anything, it is only a small fraction of the suspense and drama of their life.

Do you have a rare disease? We would love to feature you or your loved ones in our story. For those who are passionate to our mission, we would love to have you partner with us to create more inspirational books.

We are currently self-publishing our books. However, we would love to connect with the right publisher in the future to help make our books to more homes and schools around the world.

This varies, but we do focus on quality over quantity. Based on the funding, we can expedite a project, but all of the artwork featured in the book are originals which do take time to create.

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We began as filling a void for our family. Now we are for all families.

We have volunteered to create an organization that prides itself on education and parent support. Your contributions go directly towards helping those in the rare disease community.

Providing families with resources to be successful.

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and create the most extraodinary things.

Changing a rare child's life with education.

The most valuable resource we have are teachers. We are empowering the greatest teacher, parents!

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Readers Reviews

What readers and educators have to say about our book:

Our Pipeline

Future Publications.

Children’s books play a crucial role in inspiring and teaching kids. Students exposed to vocabulary and reading demonstrate greater academic achievement. However, books also serve as a tool to foster imagination and creativity. Finally, our books teach imortant morals and values essential for society.

Documenting our journey began as a difficult process, but once we realized that we could have a profound effect on our community, there was no stopping us. We want to share our perspective while also inspiring and motivating others facing hardships. As we connect with readers, we hope to also raise awareness.

Creating unit and lesson plans based on brain-based learning and holistic learning experiences is important since it aligns with the latest research on the brain and how children best learn. We want students to engage with learning and be motivated to go beyond. By reaching young minds, we can enhance their knowledge while also making a difference in the rare disease community.

Writing a research paper seemed like a task reserved for scientists. However, we realized there was discovery and innovation in our journey. We documented our experience and collected data to share with other families. We based our strategies on the research we could synthesize and integrate into our lives. We are now working on sharing and conducting more research.

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