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I was jumping up and down when Rylae was blowing her windmill. She couldn't blow her first birthday or second or third candles and barely blew her fourth. Hopefully on her 5th birthday she will be able to!

Blowing is good exercise for the developing muscles in the jaw and mouth ...which helps their speech!

#speechtherapy #blowingexercises #earlyintervention #lifeaftergenetherapy

Playing with ice is a Sensory-rich, and open-ended learning activity. Ice is a wonderful way to support development in learning areas like fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and language development! Here Rylae-Ann is at the park exploring the ice ball she made over night in a balloon. She asked ...questions and watch how ice melts slowly. #sensoryintegration

Ms.Sa is one of Rylae's PE teacher at @ruamrudeebkk She goes beyond lessons with geuine kindness and caring. Ms.Sa has strategies that engage learners and uses different approaches to help each individual succeed. Rylae made huge progress in swimming because of Ms.Sa! #udl

Dr.Som is Rylae's favorite #occupationaltherapist. She always shares Rylae's goals weekly and what we need to work on at home. #lifeaftergenetherapy #earlyintervention

Duha, Adam's mom, shares her powerful story of determination and hope for our community. During a meetup in Texas, we met Adam and his family and learned how much was similar and different during our journey.

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A Mother's Message of Hope for AADC Deficiency - Teach RARE

A rare disease caregiver and mother shares her family's incredible journey and message of hope for AADC deficiency.