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Connecting Hearts and Minds: Hosting an AADC Caregiver Meet-up in the Scenic Mountains of Taoyuan

Caring for a loved one with a rare and challenging medical condition like Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency can be an overwhelming journey.

Caregivers often find themselves searching for support, understanding, and information to navigate the complexities of their roles. Hosting a caregiver meet-up event can provide these caregivers with a much-needed opportunity to connect, share experiences, and build a support network.

In the picturesque mountains of Taoyuan province in Taiwan, we set the stage for a memorable and enriching AADC caregiver meet-up event. Here, we’ll explore how this event came to life, the chosen venue, and its impact on the caregivers and their families.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Selecting the right venue is crucial when planning an AADC caregiver meet-up event. We opted for the tranquil beauty of Taoyuan province, located in northern Taiwan, to create a serene and refreshing atmosphere for caregivers to unwind and connect. The province’s mountainous terrain offers a scenic backdrop that encourages relaxation and contemplation.

Kid-Friendly Hotel

To ensure caregivers could attend without worrying about their children’s well-being, we chose a kid-friendly hotel that met all their needs. The hotel was equipped with family-friendly amenities such as a children’s play area, pool, spacious rooms, and outdoor activities with stunning mountain views.

The choice of a kid-friendly hotel served two essential purposes:

Taoyuan, Taiwan

A Space For Our Family

Having a safe place that our children can be themselves without fear is essential for creating a productive event.


It allowed caregivers to bring their families along, ensuring they did not have to choose between attending the event and caring for their children. AADC caregivers often have unique challenges, and providing childcare facilities allowed them to participate.

Memorable Moment

By accommodating families, we reduced the stress and logistical challenges caregivers typically face when attending events, ensuring a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. We wanted to also make it a moment for families to make memories together.

Activities for All Ages

To foster a sense of community and relaxation, we organized a variety of activities suitable for both caregivers and their children. The lush mountain surroundings provided an ideal setting.

We arranged interactive workshops and entertainment options for the children, such as an indoor playground, storytelling sessions, and even a trip on a roller coaster. These activities not only kept the children engaged but also allowed caregivers to bond with each other without worrying about their kids.

Taiwan AADC Parents
Taiwan AADC Parents

Educational Sessions

While the event aimed to provide relaxation and bonding opportunities, it was also essential to offer informative sessions to help caregivers better understand AADC deficiency and its management. We invited medical professionals and AADC deficiency parents to share their perspectives.

These sessions were designed to be accessible and informative, covering topics such as the latest advancements in treatment, caregiving strategies, and coping mechanisms. Attendees found these sessions incredibly valuable, as they gained insights into the condition and connected with experts who could provide guidance on their caregiving journey.

Building Connections

The heart of the AADC caregiver meet-up event was the opportunity for caregivers to connect with one another. We organized group discussions, support circles, and one-on-one meetings to encourage caregivers to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. These interactions allowed caregivers to build a network of support and empathy, forging bonds that would extend beyond the event.

Through these connections, caregivers found solace in knowing they were not alone in their struggles. They exchanged practical tips and emotional support, helping each other navigate the unique challenges of AADC deficiency caregiving. Many attendees later described these connections as the most valuable aspect of the event.

Taiwan AADC Deficiency Families

We may not be related, but we are very much a family.

Cultural Experience

Taiwan is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. We felt fortunate to return to the place where our daughter had gene therapy. For us, it was also important to have cultural experiences to connect with the families. Traveling through Taoyuan gave us a sense of tranquility and a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s cultural traditions. We felt more motivated as caregivers and our Teach RARE mission.

Taoyuan La La Mountain
Taoyuan La La Mountain

The Beauty of Taoyuan

The natural beauty of Taoyuan province is a constant source of inspiration. The breathtaking landscapes, serene temples that are nestled in the mountains, and delicious local cuisine should be enough to entice you to visit this beautiful island. The Green Island experience added a layer of relaxation and wonder to the event. Caregivers have a lot of stress and worries. Especially those still waiting for gene therapy. AADC deficiency caregivers and families will have this lasting memory together from our time in Taoyuan.

Connecting Hearts and Minds: Hosting an AADC Caregiver Meet-up in Taoyuan's Scenic Mountains


Hosting an AADC caregiver meet-up event in the scenic mountains of Taoyuan province, Taiwan, was a rewarding endeavor that brought together caregivers, families, and experts in a supportive and inspiring environment. The choice of a kid-friendly hotel, diverse activities, educational sessions, and the opportunity for caregivers to connect with each other contributed to the event’s success.

Beyond the immediate benefits of relaxation and camaraderie, the event had a lasting impact on the attendees. Caregivers left with a newfound sense of support, understanding, and knowledge about AADC deficiency while their families enjoyed a memorable vacation in a beautiful setting.

This event showcased the power of community and the importance of creating spaces where caregivers can find the support and respite they need. Reflecting on this remarkable experience, we are reminded that even in the face of rare and challenging medical conditions, the human spirit can flourish when nurtured in the right environment.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors for making this series possible!

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