Supplements for Rare Disease Patients
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Targeted Supplementation To Avoid Deficiency

The huge rise in combat sports such as the UFC, together with a culture shift that sees going to the gym more popular than ever, and taking supplements to increase strength, stamina and recovery is all part and parcel of this active lifestyle. But whilst most associate taking supplements is with getting fit, not many realize some of these same supplements can be used to effectively treat certain ailments and medical conditions.

Supplements for Rare Diseases

One way to take supplements for health benefits is to microdose up to, or even more than, 30 supplements daily. This can help improve sleep, balance hormone levels, increase focus, and improve mental performance.

“A real-life ‘Limitless’ routine without the experimental substances; simply microdose supplements for surprising medical benefits.”

Those who’ve self-medicated by microdosing supplements tend to report several notable benefits: improved fitness, better performance, more defined muscle tone, and clearer skin with fewer signs of aging.

Benefits of Biohacking with Supplements To Avoid Deficiency

It’s important to note that this type of life hack is highly experimental and is not currently supported by medical professionals. However, a growing number of reports claim zero side effect, and prominent benefits; benefits that include:

Points Regarding Biohacking and Supplementation


Polypharmacy can potentially have harmful effects, and although we’re only talking about supplements and not medication, mixing these chemicals still poses similar risks and, therefore, must be taken with caution, no matter what mix you choose to take.


However, since dietary supplements are all essentially considered as safe as food when taken in suggested doses, creating your recipe of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can be done safely, with a little commonsense. If you have any reservations regarding a specific mixture, consult your pharmacist as to whether the two supplements in question are safe to consume simultaneously.

If you’re here expecting to find a step-by-step guide with a detailed list of suggested supplements, then you’re unfortunately in the wrong place. Instead, this article aims to shed some light on this novel self-medication technique that can stave off deficiencies in many areas.


Aside from being liable for the suggestion of any experimental concoctions, the safest way to biohack your recipe of supplements is simply to do all the research yourself. Each supplement will provide all the necessary info on its label, or with an included instruction pamphlet, this should give you sufficient knowledge on what is or isn’t safe for you to take.

That said, some rough guidelines based on anecdotal evidence from other users may reassure you of some decisions and help kick-start the process.


When microdosing supplements, the amounts of active ingredients will be so small that taking up to two or three dozen different pills will not equate to an overdose. Be sure to factor in repeated doses across different supplements, and also check the recommended daily allowance of each component to ensure you do not overdo it doubly.

However, with some comprehensive research and a good overall understanding of how your chosen supplements affect the body, it’s possible to develop your personalized dietary supplement plan to biohack and leverage your body functions.

How Biohacking With Supplements Can Improve Diet Sleep and Exercise

Diet: The most common target for biohacking with supplements. A seemingly endless number of supplements are designed to support diet, so you can choose a selection that suits your specific dietary needs.

Sleep: We all know that getting enough sleep is essential for staying healthy. Several supplements can help with this, making choosing supplements that meet your requirements easy.

Exercise: It’s also no secret that exercise is extremely important in maintaining physical and mental health. It’s also an activity that can be supported with a variety of supplements, from simple vitamins to pre-workout and amino acids; you’ll find a wide range of choice of micro-dosing solutions for your workout regimes.

In Conclusion

Although the jury is still out on this one, there is an increasing number of people reporting notable results in biohacking supplements to look better, keep fit, and stay focused. Through the careful selection of supplements, taken in low enough doses to be effective but not harmful, microdosing essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and botanical compounds is quickly becoming the newest medicinal life hack that actually shows promise.

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