Rare Disease Childrens Book

The Rare Journey Series

Teach RARE published their first children’s book in their Rare Journey Series. We are creating a series of educational books that feature the true story of a rare disease. These books will inspire you to go beyond what you think is possible. The world needs more researchers, educators, and scientists. More inquisitive people like you who ask questions and want to find answers. The adventures we explore are based on true stories and will deliver a wealth of knowledge to you. 


Children need to see characters who look like them in their books. Seeing characters from diverse backgrounds fosters a sense of belonging and self-worth. When children see people who share their ethnicity, culture, or experiences in books, it validates their identity and helps them feel seen and understood. Our series will feature a true story from rare diseases to help ensure children in our community see mirrors in the books they read.


It is also essential for other children from outside our community to build empathy and understanding about the different rare diseases children have. Exposure to diverse characters and cultures through literature helps children develop empathy, understanding, and appreciation for people from different backgrounds. It broadens their perspectives and reduces stereotypes and prejudices by presenting nuanced portrayals of individuals from various ethnicities, religions, and social backgrounds.


As educators, we wanted to create children’s books that promoted inclusion. By including rare disease characters in children’s books, we are actively contributing to creating a more inclusive society and school environment. It sends a powerful message that everyone’s stories are important and deserve to be told. It helps break down barriers and promotes equality by providing opportunities for underrepresented voices to be heard and valued.


Books are an excellent opportunity to learn. Each of our book are transdisciplinary and fascinating facts children and adults will love to learn about. Exposure to diverse literature enriches children’s educational experiences by providing opportunities for learning about different cultures, traditions, languages, and histories. It broadens their knowledge and understanding of the world, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly globalized society.

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