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Physical Therapy After Gene Therapy

Four months after Gene Therapy and we begin to feel more confident in pushing our daughter Rylae-Ann a bit further. Initially, physical therapy involved core exercises and getting her used to the routine.

I have to admit, we were reluctant since the entire session should would scream and cry. It seemed like she was making no progress and that it may be doing more harm than good. However, we stayed committed to the research and the encouragement from our physical therapists.

We finally have Rylae back home with us in Singapore. Immediately we began intensive therapy at Wings. It was an intense schedule for all of us. After work, I would sprint home and the nanny would be waiting for us at the lobby. While sprinting, daddy is calling a taxi so that we have it there in time for the therapy. It was so important that one of us was there with Rylae so we could learn some techniques and practice with her at home. This was our schedule every day and we took turns rushing after work.

Rylae was in tears and pain while working hard. She was so determined. She didn’t give up. When I think about how I easily take a break during my workouts, it inspires me to be more like her.

The therapist worked hard to make her strong and Daddy tried to make her laugh. I’m in the background recording it all and giving her hugs and kisses after each break session.

Intensive Physical Therapy
Intensive Physical Therapy

A montage of videos from 4 months post Gene Therapy. Rylae-Ann is working so hard even though she has a dislocated hip. She wasn’t in pain because of her hip, but it did make it more difficult. One the advice of our doctor, we could continue to help her build muscles and awareness about standing.

By Judy Wei

Judy Wei was born in Taiwan but grew up in Thailand. She has a BA in Special Education and a Masters in Education K-12.

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