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Enjoy a family vacation and make memories while also achieving your child’s therapy goals. All you need from the moment you land to ensure you have a memorable vacation and professional services.



Medical tourism is very popular, and Thailand is a leading destination. We are applying the same concept to therapy services.

One of the primary reasons for medical tourism is the potential for significant cost savings. Have exceptional and dedicated therapy at a fraction of the cost.

We offer cutting-edge treatments and technologies with no wait. Bypass the waiting lists and receive timely and intensive therapy for your child.

10-Day program for a small family: $3,800 USD

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From the moment you land, your family will begin an amazing journey. You will have first-class travel to your serviced apartment. The trip will give you access to top therapists across multiple disciplines. You are invited to attend and learn. You could also use the time to relax and travel. 

A healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared for your family to ensure optimal health. Based on your preference, guided tours to amazing tourist spots in Thailand are available.

When its time to leave, we will make sure you are confident to continue the learning back home. A holistic therapy vacation that we hope you will return back again for!

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Our Goal

Travel to Thailand to receive affordable intensive therapy, inclusive education, and parent training during an amazing vacation to the Land of Smiles.

Watch our past events or learn more about what to expect. 

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For Children Achieve Greatness

Support our therapy tour and give the gift progress.


A trip provides a family with a gift that goes long into the future​. Teach RARE’s holistic education program is the cornerstone of progress, but many families are unable to pursue their essential goals due to financial constraints. By donating or contributing scholarships, you have the power to transform lives and ignite potential. Imagine the impact of providing someone with the opportunity to access a holistic education program, to realize their ambitions, and to contribute positively to society. We also welcome those to donate their time and expertise. Contact us to start today.

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Send a family to Thailand so they can have a holistic family experience.

We Are on A Mission

Welcome Letter

As educators, there was no way we were not going to publish a book for kids. As teachers, we always looked for educational books that built a joy of reading and internal skills. Our journey was the perfect springboard to venture into children’s book writing.

We began with our story, but we will introduce a try story for each rare disease book we publish. The books will help build awareness while also teaching children. Our educational books are transdisciplinary subjects that also build interpersonal and social-emotional learning skills.

Most importantly, we want children to be inspired to solve problems. The world needs more researchers, doctors, scientists, and educators. The Rare Journey Series connects with children to do just that.

Childrens Book Author

Health Well Foundation

Publishing FAQ'S

Bringing our vision to life.

We tailor each of our trips to the needs of the children and family. We always focus on making a trip affordable and provide multiple options for your consideration.

Yes, we are very flexible. During your trip we can modify your tours. However, your therapy schedule will include set number of hours. We can always add more hours if necessary and shift times.

We include insurance in our booking. You can have a refund or transfer your trip to another time?

Health insurance is optional. Most patients book their own travel insurance. Affordable travel insurance is available and we will provide the options.

Thailand is a top travel destination in the world. It is a safe place to travel, and you will have the extra level of security with our guide taking care of you.

The best way to start is to complete the form above. We can create sample trips for you to review. From there we book a more detailed itinerary. We require a deposit for booking and will ask for full payment two-weeks in advance.

As a non-profit, we keep the costs as low as possible. Any profit is applied back to our program. We are able to offer discounts on a case-by-case basis. In addition, we work with companies and organizations to arrange for scholarships.

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